ATR K9 Intervention Kit

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ATR K9 Intervention Kit

The ATR K9 kit has been developed over many years of experience coming face to face with aggressive K9’s on plot, our ATR K9 Kit contains a number of carefully selected items that could save you from being attacked and overcome from hyper aggressive K9s.

We must remember that not all aggressive K9s are trained, some are just miss-treated by humans, meaning that their behaviour is in fact because they feel threatened causing an aggressive stance as a defence mechanism.

ATR K9 Intervention Kit  Features:

  • Low-profile bite sleeve which allows the user full control of their arm and wrist movements.
  • Bite release tool.
  • First strike anti-attack spray.
  • Dog leads to control.
  • Dog treats to test commitment.
  • Small dump-pouch to carry kit on plot.
  • Latex gloves & anti-septic gel.

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