CROPS® Sniper / Observer Tree Support Bracket


CROPS® Sniper / Observer Tree Support Bracket

Snipers and Tactical Observers spend their lives operating from concealed locations within rural/outdoor environments having to deploy and stabilise rifles and optics is paramount.

When deploying with a standard tri-pod there is always the risk of it being too small and not giving the required elevation, larger and much heavier tri-pods can be difficult to work with in the field, more so when trying to limit movement.

With these factors in mind, CROPS® have re-designed the current supporting system by developing a concept that allows the user to deploy their equipment at any elevation, with one quick and simple to deploy bracket that can be semi or permanently positioned against any up-right feature.


  • Manufactured from laser cut alloy for strength and lightweight (0.6kg)
  • Screw clapping design.
  • Will ‘Flat-Pack’ for space saving.
  • The support can be fitted with any third-party head / HOG Saddle (Head not supplied).
  • Ground mounted for low shots or elevated to any height.
  • Can be fixed into position as a permanent platform.
  • Optional Velcro or quick release fixing straps.
  • Deployment design allows cover from view & fire to the user.

CROPS® Sniper / Observer Tree Support Bracket.

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