Rural Scent Distraction

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Rural Scent Distraction

When rural surveillance or technical operators deploy within an urban or rural environment they create an airborne disturbance this disturbance is called a Deployment scent cloud.

The Deployment scent cloud is created by the movement of objects around the area of deployment this can include moving things like vegetation, soil and masonry etc. and the placing of items either human or technical into a previously undisturbed area.

Anything alien to that area will add to the Deployment scent cloud.

So when care has been taken to camouflage any buried technical equipment or manned OP`S from human compromise, operators should be aware that the Deployment scent Cloud has been created and is present.

The deployment scent cloud can remain for a number of days depending on a number of factors such as weather conditions and topography.

The Deployment Scent cloud can’t be smelt or seen by humans, however, to the curious dog born to scavenge the Deployment scent cloud becomes a point of interest with the potential of finding food.

It’s very difficult to create a nasty smell that will keep a dog away from a deployment Scent cloud, as one dogs nasty smell is another dogs curious smell, so together with scientists we have developed a scent that will draw normal domestic dogs and feral dogs towards it thus away from the deployment scent cloud.

Scent distraction kits have been designed to create a large pleasurable scent picture to the dog and when deployed properly will draw dogs away from the deployment scent cloud and help avoid any potential compromises towards manned or technical deployments.

The Scent Distraction kits will help distract trained search dogs but not put them off completely as these should be trained to work through any distraction smells and scents. It is recommended that one complete vial is emptied either side of the deployment scent cloud.

Rural Scent Distraction Best Practise:

  • It is recommended that one complete vial is emptied either side of the deployment scent cloud.
  • Buried technical hide 1 to 2 metres either side.
  • Manned OP 3 TO 5 Metres either side.
  • Operators should take into consideration weather conditions including wind direction topography and threat areas.

Rural Deployment Scent Distraction Kit Features:

  • Rural pack 7 x Powder vials.
  • Urban Pack 4 x oil vials 3 x water vials.

Rural Scent Distraction Kit Price Includes VAT.


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