UHC Bandit Vehicle Hide

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Bandit Vehicle Hide

UHC Bandit Vehicle Hide product design:

The concept behind our ‘Bandit Car Hide’ originated from short term ‘expeditionary’ static observations from vehicles within semi-permissive areas where concealment from the local population is required.

If a team or loan operator is required to not only follow their target, but set up rapid static triggers, or to gather still or video footage, the ability to be self-reliant in concealment and the ability to seamlessly continue observation is critical.

With mobile surveillance moving at such a rapid pace, the requirement for a quick and easy to assemble hide system is needed, the hide is also required to allow maximum light to travel through the vehicle, still giving the appearance of it being empty.

The ‘Bandit Hide’ is a lightweight, low consumption vehicle hide construction kit. The system has been designed so that the operator can construct a number of different hide configurations, each hide can be constructed to suit the operator / the equipment in use and mission requirements.

The UHC Bandit Hide system is machined from light weight light absorbing fabric, which allows the observer visual domination looking out into daylight or illuminated areas at night, but total concealment to any third-party looking into the vehicle.

The hide variants are self-supporting via the use of cables which are carefully disguised within the vehicle’s interior.

The system will support 4 different hide constructions, from a very small wedge shape used in higher risk areas, to a full volume hide which will allow for large optics to be used.

Many operators dis-believe the system will work for the first time until it has been demonstrated to them, and they have trialled it in person within a densely populated city environment where aware third parties are within inches of them completely unaware, they are under observation.

UHC Bandit Vehicle Hide Content:

  • Hide system (4 configurations)
  • Suspension cable system
  • Suspension anchors
  • Hooks & clips
  • Window shades
  • Soft shell zipper pouch

UHC Bandit Vehicle Hide:

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