UHC Securing Kit

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UHC Securing kit

UHC Securing Kit product design:

Once inside the interior of the building it’s critical that you have the ability to lockdown and secure yourself from any possible compromise or at worst a full attack. We all know that if the attacker is dedicated and equipped, they will get in. However, if you can slow them down enough so to react you could gain the upper foot.

The UHC Securing kit consists of our in-house developed hooked-wedges machined from lightweight hardwearing alloy, and military grade strap restraints that can be combined in a number of configurations offering multi-point anchors.

Our universal wedges can be deployed in a number of ways, firstly as a conventional door wedge placed at the foot of the door, secondly by the use of the military grade strap the wedge can now be used as a handle restraint preventing the door handle from being operated.

Finally the user can combine the items to create a two way gripping restraint for rooms which have face-to- face entry points.

UHC Securing Kit Content:

  • 3x black anodised hooked wedges
  • 2x standard 1.5-meter mil-spec web strap
  • 1x extended 4 meter mil-spec web strap with 2 locking buckles
  • Small zipper pouch container

UHC Securing Kit:

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