UHC Sniper Hide System

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UHC Sniper Hide System

The UHC Sniper Hide System is constructed in the same lightweight military grade mesh fabric as the ‘Observer’ Window Box Hide but with a number of modifications to suit the different deployment role.

Deployed within the interior of a building or vehicle creating an instant one-way visual barrier from the outside looking in offering concealment and basic thermal protection to the shooter and spotter from the very beginning, allowing them to maintain total visual dominance.

Within the three-dimensional hide are Velcro strips which allows for up to 3 smaller and much finer mesh panels to be fitted (Included), these not only help to remove the risk of glint from the optics, but also give the shooter/spotter greater thermal protection against counter and search activities.

These panels allow the shooter to fire through the mesh at close range adding maximum concealment from barrel flash, with the option of removing the mesh panels for longer range shots.

With two sealable shooter apertures positioned on either side, and a third central aperture allows for multiple shooters to be used at any one time should a co-ordinated response be required, this also gives greater angles covering an extensive field of view.

Sniper Hide System Shooter options:

Lone Shooter / Shooter & Spotter / 2 Shooters & Spotter / 3 Shooters

Deployment options:

Self-supporting via classic method with strap & anchor / self-supporting via classic method & tripod polo / Aided support via fixing kit accessories & poles.

Deployment Platforms:

Buildings, Dwellings & Vehicles

Product code: UHC-WB-SH.

Price On Request Only:

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