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UHC Tactical Door Drop Hide

UHC Tactical Door Drop Hide product design:

When operating from disused buildings where the roof space isn’t an option, and all the windows have been smash or removed. We have developed the TDD ‘Tactical Door Drop’ which allows static observations and Sniping to be mounted much further within the building’s interior, eliminating the risk of compromise and reducing the operators signature.

If internal doors have been removed creating a real issue of external streetlights and vehicle head lights passing through the building illuminating your position, creating shadow or silhouette, the TDD can be positioned to prevent this by giving a solid backdrop.

Double skinned fabric barrier with a large drawcord lightproof camera box, this box faces into a mesh panel that makes up the observation aperture. The TDD is held in place by two lightweight alloy hooks which attach over the door frame, the TDD now hangs naturally in place blocking the open doorway.

If when working from a disused dwelling, the doors and frames may have been removed, by using our ‘fixing kit’ will solve this issue. (fixing kit sold separately)

To the side of the TDD midway are Velcro tabs, by using the supplied adhesive patches this can now be stretched and secured in place.

With two further Velcro tabs at the bottom edge allowing for the TDD to be anchored to any carpet that may be in place. If floor boards, then use more of the Velcro patches to secure.

Should there be a requirement to transit from room to room, the TDD can be raised off the floor adjusting the height via Velcro strips and held in place, this now creating a void below the window line allowing movement to take place.

UHC Tactical Door Drop Content:

  • Tactical door drop
  • Velcro anchor patches
  • User Guide
  • Soft-shell zipper pouch

UHC Tactical Door Drop:

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