UHC Window Box Rapid Hide

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UHC Window Box Rapid Hide – Observer

UHC Window Box Rapid Hide product design:

Constructed of lightweight military grade mesh fabric, the window box is a rapid deployable three-dimensional system which offers basic thermal protection to the operator.

Positioned against any window on the internal side creating an instant one-way visual barrier from the outside looking in and offering concealment to the tactical observer from the very beginning allowing them to maintain total visual dominance.

Within the 3-dimensional hide is a small much finer mesh panel that removes the risk of glint on the lens.

The great advantage of the Window Box is that it allows multiple optics to be used at any one time, from different angles covering an extensive field of view, while the primary optic/camera is focused on the area of interest

It has been designed to fit all standard sized windows found in the UK and European dwellings, the top edge has three adjustable anchor points, one central and one at either ends.

These anchor points simply extend and fit over the curtain pole, blind fittings. Should your location be within a disused building without these features, you can use the ‘UHC Fixing Kit’. (sold separately)

The two horizontal edges have Velcro patches which allows the system to be sealed against either the wall of the dwelling or window frame to limit movement should part of, or all of the glass be missing.

Along the bottom edge are two further anchor points, these can be used in conjunction with any weighted object. These points help to stretch the hide to its full capability creating a massive void between window and camera/optic.

At the rear end of the system is a simple to use adjustable collar that fits directly over the camera lens or optic, this is adjusted using the shock cord & lockers.

This option can be deployed in both day and night-time operations, but back-lighting within the hide is not advised. If rear illumination is a requirement, then our ‘black-out’ version is needed, made from a heavier light-proof full-bodied fabric.


  • Window Box Hide
  • Velcro strips
  • Shock Cord extender straps
  • User Guide
  • Soft Carry Pouch

UHC Window Box Rapid Hide

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