Special Projects at CROPS Tactical, equipment for the professionals

Special Projects:

Here at CROPS Tactical we are continually investing in research and the development of tactical equipment which enhances the performance of the end user.

We are also very keen to work with our customers, listening to their needs and requirements so to develop new solutions to overcome their existing challenges.

We strongly believe in seeing our special projects through every stage of development and finally deployment.

Test Evaluation & Sustainability (TE&S):

Like all of our products we only deal with equipment and clothing which has been tried and tested under the stress of real operations.

As a developer we offer clients our TE&S service, this can be a cost effective investment by asking us to put ‘off the shelf brands’ through their paces before a large purchase takes place, our test team will deliver a full written debrief on their findings helping you make the right decision.

Special Projects at CROPS Tactical, equipment for the professionals.